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How to Get More Backlinks in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

The same question in search engine optimization (SEO) has existed for decades.

In 2021, the same question remains:

“How can my website receive more backlinks?”

“Is there some special strategy for driving more links to my website?”

“Is there a way I can automate the link-building process?”

To be entirely truthful with you, link-building is manual (not automatic), aggressive, labor intensive, stressful, and time-consuming process that can take several years to master.

We know…

You were expecting a different answer.

Fortunately, there is a strategic way to drive more backlinks to your website in 2021.

Are you ready to learn?

This very long and in-depth guide will show you how you can identify ideal backlinking opportunities, create the right type of content for backlinks, and reach out to influencers who aren’t going to request a lot in return.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s dive on in.

Chapter 1: Explore

This is arguably the most important part of the link-building process.

Most people know what backlinks are…

They know that backlinks are an impactful driver of SEO rankings.

However, a lot of people don’t properly plan to receive backlinks to their site.

They simply think:

“I want some backlinks.”

“Let’s get some backlinks”

Before you get started with anything, you need to explore your possibilities first and find out if it’s even feasible for you to begin in the first place.

In this chapter, we’re going to show you how to:

Judge your own website
Find your niche
Identify content types you can create

Trust us – you’re going to learn a lot of valuable preparation steps for receiving more backlinks to your website in 2021.

Let’s get moving!

Judge Your Own Website

Before you begin, ask yourself:

“Why would anyone want to link back to my website?”

“What’s so special about my business and website that others will give me a shout out?”

Linking back to a website is effortless but it’s still a thoughtful process.

Someone has to be really impressed with your website if they’re going to give you a link.

With that said, how does your website look?

Does your website look like it’s stuck back in 1999?

If so, no one in their right mind is going to link back to your website.

Why would they?

A backlink is considered to be a vote of confidence from one reputable website to another.

For example, if I was writing a blog on the top causes for a headache, which website would I link back to?