Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Marketing also known as Paid Search Advertising is the easiest way to grow your business.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services

PPC Marketing also known as Paid Search Advertising is the easiest way to grow your business. We’ll help you quickly capture the customers you want while increasing your business with predictable revenues.

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Our PPC marketing services will quickly become your favorite source of advertising by delivering the lowest cost per lead your business has ever seen. Our extensive knowledge of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn marketing platforms help us best determine where your money is best spent and most effective.

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Results are what matter most. Your business is your lively-hood. We value your trust and treat your business as if it were our own. Our work has produced immediate gratification for clients in some very competitive niches.

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Attracting prospects to your website is one of the most important goals in any internet marketing campaign, and one of the quickest routes to it is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. If you’re not familiar with PPC, there is no need to worry. In fact, you can run a successful PPC campaign through research, practice, and experimentation. Here are some things that you want to know about the advertising model.

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PPC bid maintenance is equally important once we’ve achieved the desired page quality scores, conversions and bid amounts. PPC campaign management doesn’t need to be complicated. PPC management services are actually quite simple when executed correctly. The key to effective PPC campaign management is understanding the data. Our PPC professionals analyze the data by matching up date ranges, conversions, campaigns, groups and keywords.

Understanding keywords that convert well for your business allows us to identify bidding strategies that produce high quality scores. Having above average account quality scores should be your first mandatory objective when choosing PPC management services. Our PPC experts implement bid management strategies that are designed to achieve your campaign goals quickly. We continually adjust keyword bids that lead to conversions relevant to your business.

There are 4 main goals that should be continually maintained for a successful PPC campaign marketing strategy. First, your PPC marketing campaigns should increase your company’s branding by displaying lots of impressions to potential customers searching for your business. Second, your PPC campaigns should drive new traffic and visitors to your website at a price below your target cost per click. Third, your PPC marketing strategies should absolutely increase lead flow to your business while still maintaining your targeted cost per acquisition. Cost per acquisition is the cost associated to acquiring new customers. Finally, your cost per click should deliver a cost per lead, which results in a cost per customer that ultimately produces enough revenue to create a positive return on your PPC investment.

What is PPC marketing?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is defined as a form of advertising that enables marketers to make payment purely on an ad that is clicked by a potential customer or viewer. Most search engines like Google provide PPC ads through auctions which means that the one with the highest bid will be rewarded with the best search position possible. Basically, the marketing model works like this:
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You will make a bid on a particular search phrase in which your ad will appear on the PPC results. The PPC ad that you bid on will emerge on top and below those none PPC organic search results. When you make the highest bid on a specific phrase, you could rank number 1 in the PPC results. Every time someone clicks your ad, Google will tax you with a small fee that equals to an amount that will not exceed your bid.

The person who clicked on your paid ad will automatically be forwarded to your website on a specific page that you choose.

This means that if you make the highest bid for the keyword “cars” worth $2, there is a chance that your ad will show up in the top spot. If 50 people clicked on your paid ad, Google would charge you no more than $100.00.

What are the Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing?
The majority of the benefits of Pay-Per-Click marketing involve significant control and online presence. Its seamless approach puts you in great control and when executed properly, you reap far higher rewards than loses. Here are four reasons why the marketing model is something that you should consider:

Flexibility. There is no limit to the amount of search phrases that you can bid on. If you want to target a small group of potential customers, you can opt to bid for highly specific phrases that express your companies niche area of expertise. If your thinking of targeting a wide array of audience to your website, you can also bid on generic phrases as well.

Speed. With PPC, your site will be advertised instantly. And if there are any changes you want in your advert, you can simply edit it and have it displayed without delay. Simply put, you don’t have to wait the next day for your site to be visible to your prospects.

Control. How much you are going to spend on your adverts is simply up to you. You can set a limit on your ads, and if the maximum clicks are reached, your advertisements will cease to appear in the paid search results. It’s that simple. You even have complete control over the appearance of your adds – how many times it appears, where it appears, and to a certain point, on who they should appear too.

Scalable. The great thing about PPC is that you are completely aware of the number of visitors that are directed to your website through your adverts and on the cost that you incurred per visit as well. What’s more, you will also know exactly how many of the directed visitors are turned into actual prospects by measuring the number of inquiries you get. This makes it easy for you to determine your rate of ROI by simply calculating the cost of your PPC compared to the number of sales you convert from the inquiries.

Why PPC is Important to Digital Marketing?

While many businesses are not financially equipped to rely on PPC advertising alone, it’s extremely important to any digital marketing endeavor because:
It provides immediate results – PPC is an effective way to instantly create intrigue for a new product, service, or special offer. Additionally, it won’t take long for you to set up a PPC campaign and would normally just take a day or two of your time and attention. So if you want to enjoy immediate results, PPC is the ideal route.


Targeted traffic – PPC is an affordable means to create targeted traffic of highly specific keyword searches. While the top bid for the keyword “cars” might be expensive, the longer and more specific “used cards in Seattle” is significantly cheaper.

Product Listings – Search engines like Google have a great platform for marketers to sell their products online through a special type of ad referred to as product listing ads or PLA’s. The kind of ad puts your products in the spotlight, with its own image. PLA’s have also become increasingly dominant in search results over the past few years because of the superb results they provide in generating potential customers who are looking for the kind of product or service you are selling.


Remarketing – Because PPC allows you to track those prospects that visited your site through your paid ads, you can target those same visitors to become customers through tailored ads, including image and videos. Simply put, you want those prospects who visited your site but didn’t make a purchase to come back and finally make that all important purchase.

Just like any other kind of digital marketing strategy however, PPC should be treated proactively, and with a concise, measurable short or medium term goal in place. In short, you should focus your time and energy on conversions and not just clicks.